What do we do at Market Doctor and What is Marketing?

Starting a small business is easy. Running it and growing it into an enterprise which makes a profit is very hard indeed. If you did not start your business in order to make money and live comfortably then you do not need us. If you did, read on.

The true definition of a successful business is one that makes a profit every month - without you!

Marketing is the most valuable piece in the jigsawThat is, one which has good reliable staff (and/or systems) in place where, if you take a day off, your mobile is not ringing constantly and the world does not fall apart.

Question: How do you get there?
Answer: Good Marketing and good Management.

Very often a business is set up and things run well but it seems impossible to move from "good money" to "great money". The final piece of the jig-saw is missing

Never fall into the trap where you think that marketing is just advertising.
Never believe that “word of mouth” will make you rich.

It is often said that the richest people just “happened” to be in the right place at the right time. Successful businesses do not just “happen” to be somewhere. They are there by design, thought, planning and strategy and they stay successful because they continue to market themselves.

We teach you how to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right product at the right price. Market Doctor does that because that is exactly what marketing is.

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