Strategy makes a marketing planThere are hundreds of ways of marketing a business. Marketing a small to medium enterprise (SME) is a little trickier than marketing a larger business as, usually, the larger businesses already have a profile. However, there is ALWAYS something about a small business which can be made unique and the Press love a unique story.

We show you how to create "uniqueness" and, above all, turn it into a selling point (USP) for your business. There are thousands of businesses created every day.....You must stand out.

Ask yourself the question, "Why Me"? "Of all the businesses out there, doing what I do, why would customers choose me"?

It is our job to help you create the profile that answers that question and move you forward by letting the market know you exist. Then we help you get in front of the right people (customers) at the right time (When they are looking for the type of thing you provide).

This is called targeting your market and we will show you how (using many different techniques) you can find the type of customers you need on an ongoing basis.

Advertising is usually a "blanket" approach which means throwing an (expensive) advert out there and hoping that it finds a few customers who may (or may not) cover the cost of the advertising. Once you have learned to target your advertising is much more effective because much less of it is wasted.

To show you how to target your market we must understand your business. The best person to tell us about your business is you. We arrange for a couple of meetings or long telephone chats where we ask you a series of questions which will get you thinking about what you want to get from working for yourself. We then prepare you a bespoke marketing plan which we run through with you.

It is not rocket science and you will not be expected to part with unrealistic sums of money to become the next B&Q or Currys. It will be a straight forward plan which we can help you implement to get you into the centre of your own particular market place.

Undoubtedly, one of the things you will see in your plan is a website. Believe it or not your Market Doctor fee includes one! If you already have a website, your fee covers the cost of adapting it to be able to take our very special and unique marketing idea for all companies in all markets.

Our websites make you money even when you are not working !

Yes; we show you how to use the website we have built you (or adapted from your existing site for you) to work as hard as you and bring in an income all on its own! You do not have to buy stock and there is no outlay other than your fee (See: How much does it cost?)

The website although unique in it's ability to pay for itself, is just a fraction of what you get for a very small outlay indeed. Why ? Because where you are now is where we came from 10 years ago and it was a huge struggle. We resolved to make that burden lighter for those who follow us and we also resolved that it was not to be a "get-rich-quick" scheme. Our salaries are covered by our parent company DIY Doctor ( and as long as we cover the costs of Market Doctor we will give you all the help you need.